Project planning – self-contained, quick and simple

With Solar-Planit you have your costs and statics under full control

Mounting system layout with Solar-Planit

Free web-based PV installation planning

In order to easily calculate the optimal configuration for each novotegra installation, we provide you with our own Solar-Planit software. This program enables you to quickly and easily design the static layout of your system according to Eurocode standards. Solar-Planit will then put together a parts list of the necessary components and calculate the estimated material costs of the system design. It can also generate a sketch of the system for your use. Solar-Planit is a web-based platform and is available for free use at:


  • Customized: Substructure and system designs available for a wide range of roof coverings
  • Flexible: Multiple different module fields and keepout areas can be planned on one roof
  • Static: Dimensioning of the TÜVdotCOM certified mounting system according to current regulations
  • Load determination
    according to Eurocode
    For all major European countries
  • Optically attractive visualizations: 3-D views, roof planning, dimensioning and mounting plans
  • Completely customizable system documentation: For the builders, for the building site, and for project documentation
  • Adaptable Individually select which components you need from the entire range of novotegra mounting system variants

Photovoltaic system planning "from A-Z" with Solar-Planit

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1 SolarPlanit_Dach_159x119.jpg

1. Enter roof dimensions

2 SolarPlanit_Eindeckung_159x119.jpg

2. Fill out the data on roof covering

3 SolarPlanit_Dachkonstruktion_159x119.jpg

3. Indicate the roof construction data


4. Select site data

6 SolarPlanit_Montagesystem_159x119.jpg

5. Determine module and design

7 SolarPlanit_Modulbelegung_159x119.jpg

6. Place obstructions and modules

8 SolarPlanit_3DAnsicht_159x119.jpg

7. Optional 3D output

10 SolarPlanit_Ergebnisse_159x119.jpg

8. Material parts list