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novotegra - the perfect solution for every roof

We don't just do market research in our offices, but on roofs too: This is how we developed the most efficient mounting system
on the market. We listened, observed and collaborated.


  • Quick and easy mounting: low material requirements and pre-assembled components
  • Flexible: the perfect solution for every application – pitched roofs, flat roofs, facades or customised solutions
  • Stable: stable roof hooks for every requirement: as a single unit or three-way adjustable
  • Long-lasting: durable and corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminium and stainless
  • Safe: simple system design and static Eurocode calculation with our Solar-Planit online tool
  • Tested and certified: Certification from TÜV Rhineland, CE marking, general building authority approvals, system testing with Kingspan sandwich elements
  • Guarantee: 10-year product guarantee on novotegra mounting systems
  • Completely customizable system documentation: For the builders, for the building site, and for project documentation


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Our Planningtool Solar-Planit

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Skills, expertise and years of experience

Take advantage of our experience and expertise. We have been successful in the market with our photovoltaic mounting systems for years, and have now gone global. From development and initial prototypes to series production, every component in our photovoltaic mounting system is made by us. We put all our components through their paces on our test bench with calibrated measurement instruments. Our international experience in sales and operation, in Europe and around the world, flows back into our development. This means that our mounting system takes country-specific features into account.


Certifications and approvals

TÜV Rheinland certification

The reliability and quality of our mounting system has been certified with the TÜV Rheinland test mark. The inspection catalogue for the certification includes all building law and technical requirements that mounting systems must meet. This ensures that all our photovoltaic mounting systems are produced in the same way as the tested systems – with the same materials and processes and thus with the same quality. By the way:  our sales and support services also convinced the auditors.



Our novotegra is TÜV certified

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General approvals by the building authorities

For your safety, we had the static calculations of relevant parts of the system checked by independent authorities. We prepared the approvals required for this in cooperation with an independent inspector and received the following general approvals from Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Structural Engineering):


  • Z-14.4-716 Connections for PV mounting systems
  • Z-14.4-716 Rail connectors and base profile
  • Z-14.4-723: Module attachments, module supports, crossbar connectors
  • Z-14.4-735: Roof hooks, hanger bolts, attachments to the rail base