Corrugated and sandwich roof | insertion system novotegra side-fix


  • Attractive and unmistakable appearance
  • Floating and tension-free
    module installation
  • Quick and efficient thanks to insertion
    technology and pre-assembled parts
  • Base plate height-adjustable on
    the stock screw
  • N-rail to base plate clip-in installation
  • For wooden and steel purlins
  • Secure, stable and durable
  • Also suitable for trapezoidal roofs
  • Simple, Eurocode-compliant layout with
    our Solar-Planit online tool


High quality, upheld for years and thought through down to the last detail: The insertion mounting system makes secure and stable attachment of photovoltaic installations possible on any corrugated or sandwich roof. The insertion rails, in either blank aluminium or black, use fl oating, tension-free installation of the modules, holding them gently. They enable very fast module installation both in portrait and in landscape. If desired, the insertion rails can also be equipped with a snow guard – as additional protection against roof avalanches.
Our stock screw sets for steel and wooden purlins enable mounting on various coverings and construction heights. Depending on the purlin distancing, the N-rail - diameter matching the required span - as lower rail in the cross connection tranfers the load securely and stably to the stock screw. The pre-assembled stock screw base plates enable easy clip-in mounting from the
side into the groove – this gives you a good view of the attachment point. The insertion rails are then connected to the grooved guide rails with the preassembled cross-rail connector set – finished.
Our insertion system for corrugated and sandwich roofs is suitable for very heavy loads and ensures excellent rear ventilation of the photovoltaic installation. All components are made of durable, corrosion-free materials.


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