Trapezoidal roof | clamping system


  • Only a handful of components – entirely pre-assembled
  • Only one mounting tool necessary
  • Easy and secure – fixed directly to the trapezoidal sheet
  • Electrically conductive connection between the mounting system and the roof membrane
  • For steel panel thicknesses from 0.4 mm
  • Quick mounting from above
  • Short rails available in two different heights
  • Excellent rear ventilation
  • Simple, Eurocode-compliant layout with our Solar-Planit online tool


Do you want to mount a proven photovoltaic mounting system on a trapezoidal metal roof? Are you looking for high production quality, durable and corrosion-resistant materials, stability and reliability? Our clamping system for trapezoidal metal roofs can offer you all these advantages, along with an attractive cost effectiveness.

The mounting system is attached directly to the trapezoidal panel. With our many years of experience, we have refined our mounting system to the tiniest detail – for the safety of your system, high layout flexibility and simple, quick assembly. The clamping system helps you secure the modules in both vertical and horizontal format using module clamps. Our mounting system can fit all module frame heights on the trapezoidal roof with just a handful of clamped types, which are available in bare aluminium and black. They are mounted on our short, practical and fully preassembled rails. Pre-sawn and with attached backing and sealing strips made from high-quality EPDM, the short profiles are easy to handle on site and on the roof. The rails are always mounted from above using approved thin sheet screws. These are screwed into the trapezoidal panel without gener-
ating metal chips, which can lead to corrosion if left laying around. They also have the same head as the screws used on the module clamps, meaning you only need one tool.

Our clamping system for trapezoidal metal roofs ensures good rear ventilation of the modules and an attractive look for your photovoltaic system. They can be used from a steel panel thickness of 0.4 mm. Thanks to their smart design, the screw connection creates an electrically conductive connection between the mounting system and the roof surface.

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