Tile roof | clamping system novotegra side-fix


  • Secure, stable and durable
  • Die-cast aluminium roof hooks without a
    welding seam
  • Height-adjustable rail connection
  • Easy-to-mount connection from the side
  • Installation-friendly clamps with
    a click-in mechanism
  • Pre-assembled components
  • Quick and efficient mounting
  • Only two clamps for all frame heights
  • Simple, Eurocode-compliant layout with
    our Solar-Planit online tool


From roofi ng shingles to concrete roofi ng tiles: novotegra is perfect for every tile roof. It is quick and easy to fi x, offers several individual solution options and is extremely stable and able to withstand stress.
Our roof hooks facilitate the height-adjustable connection of the rail with the groove. The grooved guide rail can be connected to the slot bolt though the slot on the head of the roof hook and securely clamped over the fluting. The side connection eliminates high-effort mounting from below and provides a good view of the attachment point. The roof hooks are simply attached to the rafter and do not contact the roof, even under stress – expensive sheet metal tiles therefore are not necessary.
The grooved guide rails enable rail overhang beyond the attachment point on the roof hook. Depending on the rail diameter, they are available for various spans and can easily be extended using plug-in connectors which are screwed in from the side.
With its click-in mechanism, the clamping system comes with an extremely comfortable and secure mounting technology for fixing modules. You can install the modules in portrait or landscape, with a single rail or with cross-rails and benefit from low installation workload thanks to pre-assembled module clamps. The module clamps are available in blank aluminium or black. This creates a visually attractive, homogenous module field.


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Tile roof | insertion system novotegra side-fix

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