Seamed metal roof | clamping system


  • Only a handful of components – entirely pre-assembled
  • Quick mounting from above
  • The C-rail also acts as a cable channel
  • Only three clamps for all frame heights
  • Secure, stable and durable
  • For all conventional seamed metal and profile sheet roofs
  • Also suitable for standing seam roofs made of copper
  • Excellent rear ventilation
  • Simple, Eurocode-compliant layout with our Solar-Planit online tool


Whether you have a standing seam roof, a round seam roof or a profiled metal roof such as Zambelli RibRoof or Domico GBS, our proven clamp mounting system ensures reliable, stable and secure attachment of the photovoltaic system on every seamed metal roof.

Our patented seam clamp technology helps you attach the mounting system directly to the roof seam, with the load distributed centrically in the seam. Our client system for seamed metal roofs can also be used for standing seam roofs made of copper. It offers high production quality and durable and corrosion-resistant components. We have put our years of experience into every detail of our smart photo mounting system, making it perfect for the individual requirements of your photovoltaic system on site.

Our clamping system can be secured quickly and easily on the seamed metal roof. It consists of just three main components: the rails, the module clamp, and the roof seam clamp, making it easy to assemble. The modules are mounted vertically. The clamps are available in three different sizes, and can be ordered in bare aluminium and black. Easily installed from
above, you can use them to secure any size of module frame to the seam roof. The rails can be extended if required using external connectors. A rail protrusion is also possible. Our clamping system for seamed metal roofs offers excellent rear ventilation of the modules and an attractive look thanks to the discrete system components and uniform module arrays.

Our free online tool Solar-Planit lets you configure your system quickly, simply and in full compliance. You can also use it to perform structural analysis in line with Eurocode load assumptions, even for international sites.

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