KOSTAL PIKO BA-Storage inverter


  • DC coupled storage system
  • Up 3,6 to 9,6 kWh capacity
  • Three-phase feed-in
  • Integrated energy management system
  • Integrated battery management system for high energy yields and long life time


In combination with an external battery storage unit, the PIKO BA storage system can easily separate energy consumption from solar energy production. The DC-coupled storage system from KOSTAL has a rated output of up to 10 kW and a storage capacity of 3.6 to 9.6 kWh. Especially when using self-generated energy in a domestic environment, the PIKO BA offers the  advantage that it can also feed in current asymmetrically if needed in addition to a three-phase, symmetrical feed.
This member of the PIKO series also offers all benefits of the reliable String inverter series: A broad input voltage range and two MPP trackers enable high flexibility and maximum yields. The compact design of the PIKO BA allows for easy installation.
Per default, all PIKO BA products are equipped with a communications and monitoring package for reliable system monitoring. The integrated battery management system provides a high energy yield coupled with a long service life and is maintenance-free.


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