Solar-LogTM System Monitoring and Accessories


  • Compatible with inverters from more than 100 manufacturers
  • Easy to operate
  • Yield evaluations can be accessed at any time locally, via the internet or a mobile
  • Daily system information via email
  • Custom-fit solutions for implementation of the feed-in management requirements specified in the EEG (German Renewable Energy Act)
  • Free firmware updates
  • 5-year warranty on the data logger (Conditions specified at:

Be it yield, alarm or forecast – reliable, professional monitoring of the PV system has become essential for evaluating yield data and yield forecasting as well as for immediate damage notification in case of faults to avoid massive yield losses.

In case of a failure, Solar-Log™ monitoring devices will send an alert quickly and automatically via email or SMS. Daily yield reports are also possible, thus letting you keep an eye on your system values. Modern communication interfaces ensure that commissioning and installation of Solar-Log™ is quick and straightforward. The datalogger is compatible with inverters from more than 70 manufacturers and can be readily integrated into existing PV systems.

During periods of sufficient power generation, the Solar-Log can control on-site power consumption: Up to four consumers can be automatically switched on or off with the devices being switched via network sockets or the internal relay.


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