Surge protection and generator junction boxes


  • Different types for each PV system
  • Ideally adapted to our inverter and module range
  • Straightforward wiring with labelling inside the units
  • Easy installation
  • Effective surge protection due to type 1 + type 2 arrester
  • DC and AC surge protection in one unit with the ÜSS
  • ÜSS also protects system monitoring
  • Strong and elegant enclosure with tinted cover to minimise strong insolation
  • Enclosure with tinted cover avoids rapid deterioration of cables and terminals

Many manufacturers of inverters seek to develop larger and more powerful devices and we, in our turn, aim to accommodate them using our new generator junction boxes. In PV systems with multiple strings, the strings can be easily and quickly combined in the generator junction box. This reduces the amount of wiring and material needed. You can also choose between devices without DC surge protection or with DC surge protection of 800 or 1000 volts, depending on the inverter used. All terminals in the generator junction boxes are approved up to 1000 volts. Our GAK with 12 strings already comes with two output terminals each for plus and minus. This lets you connect additional generator junction boxes in parallel, thus making an extension to an unlimited number of strings much easier.

Our GAK boxes are pre-assembled with bridges, power rails and wiring and enable quick installation and easy interconnection of your PV system. Cable entries are pre-drilled and fitted with cable glands and dummy plugs. As most inverters already come with integrated DC circuit breakers, they are no longer required in the generator junction boxes. Please note: String fuses are not part of the standard delivery.

Surge protection boxes

All versions of our new surge protection boxes include type 1 + type 2 arresters on the DC side and type 2 arresters on the AC side. This ensures your PV system has maximum protection at an affordable cost. We stock suitable devices for all inverters and associated system monitoring with accessories from our product range: It does not matter whether you are planning a single- or three-phase connection on the AC side or are working with one, two or three MPP trackers on the DC side we've got the right unit for every type of inverter.


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