Flat roof | south


  • Secure, stable and quick to install
  • Wind-tunnel tested aerodynamics
  • No penetration of the roof membrane
  • Minimal ballasting
  • Load redistribution across the wind deflector and base troughs
  • For roof pitches of up to 5°
  • Roof edge clearance of only 0.5 m
  • Wide base trough with rounded edges
  • Ballast trough for large-format stones
  • Only three clamps for all frame heights
  • Simple, Eurocode-compliant layout with our Solar-Planit online tool

Our Flat Roof Closed II system – the perfect solution for the south-facing elevation of your modules on fl at roofs with a pitch of up to 5°. We had our system tested by Wacker engineers in a boundary layer wind tunnel with high wind peaks. The result confi rms our quality which has proven itself for years: with our fl at-roof system, you are choosing unparalleled security and stability.
The closed II system convinces with its quick and easy installation, consists of only a handful of components and click-in system parts – the roof is not punctured during installation. The optimised aerodynamics required little to no ballasting with stones – perfect for your fl at roof. This is made possible by our wind defl ector which is installed in an overlapping fashion on the closed II elevation and fi xed to the supports and rails. This increases the overall stability and ensures optimised load transfer through its attachment to the base trough.
The wide base trough has rounded edges and is pre-assembled with a continuous separation layer or individual pads for cross drainage, as desired. With a suitable cover and cable holder, it can also act as the cable channel for the cables on the base trough. Per default, this mounting system can support loads of up to 2.4 kN/m²; and, as necessary, can be expanded to  support loads of up to 4.8 kN/m².

Configuration with the Solar Planit tool: Configuration tool

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